Ethical Policy

Nila Rubia follows an ancestral family line of traditional textile artists in Rajasthan, India going back 600 years.  

Keeping these traditional arts and crafts alive help sustain artisan skills passed down through generations reminding us of the cultural and historical link in the making. This is the heart of our Nila Rubia creations.

Nila Rubia strive to restore ancient block print designs from Mughal ancestry as an integral part of the designing process. Many prints have historical reference and depict a place, time and a community in the region. Nila Rubia researches and re-works these prints using unique colour combinations, creating a very subtle blend of East meets West. A classic, timeless, lifestyle brand with that extra individual touch and chic artisan fusion.

Each Nila Rubia piece is completely unique and ethically hand-crafted in our family worshop by a talented team of artisans: colour masters, dyers, block carvers, printers and tailors. Their talent is endless.... We use the highest quality sustainable fabrics, organic where possible 

Our Policy

As a small independent family run business, we pride ourselves on supporting local communities and cottage industries in Rajasthan, India. We believe in being true to the ancient traditions and authentic textile techniques used in this region and do not believe in cutting corners to produce quantity.

Sadly the block printing tradition is exploited in the local market and in many fashion houses today. Local factories now produce screen prints in an attempt to copy the original hand blocks, cutting the traditional craft out of the market who cannot compete with their prices. We guarantee all our fabrics are authentically made for Nila Rubia, hand crafted by skilled artisans who are paid fairly, work in good conditions with minimum impact on the environment.

We use azo free non chemical dyes in our printing and natural vegetable dyes where possible. The Dabu mud resist technique uses layers of many natural materials and is completely environmentally friendly.

We love to support independent families and local homes in our area in Rajasthan by giving individual artists the opportunity to do detailed work in the comfort of their own homes. Our embellishments, patchwork and applique sewing are often applied through the hands of our lady artists who are keen sewers and are very talented at their work. This is a tradition which is passed down through the generations and work that can be incorporated into day to day life.

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