Meet Nila Rubia

Nila Rubia follows a family line of traditional textile artists in Rajasthan, India. Along with the backdrop of stunning Mughal architecture and rich historical culture, the art of hand block printing and supporting a small cottage textile industry is the main focus of Nila Rubia.

Restoring ancient block print designs from Mughal ancestry and reviving the traditions are all a huge part of the designing process. Many prints have historical reference and depict a place, time and a community in the region. Nila Rubia researches and re-works these prints using unique colour combinations, creating a very subtle blend of East meets West. A classic, timeless, lifestyle brand with that extra individual touch and chic artisan fusion.

Each Nila Rubia piece is completely unique and ethically hand-crafted. Keeping these traditional arts and crafts alive help to sustain artisan skills passed down through generations reminding us of the cultural and historical link in the making, this is the heart of our Nila Rubia creations.