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Nila's New Spring 2024 Collection

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Elegant & vibrant

"Rays of sunshine clothing with sustainable spirit always"

Nila's designs are ETHICALLY created with LOVE & LIGHT in her family run workshop. Each piece is meticulously elaborated by her Artisan team of colour masters, dyers, weavers & tailors.

"Their talent is endless"

Nila's print designs include an array of vibrant hues of colour in rich intricate floral motifs & botanical foliage. An inspiration of majestic MUGHAL designs with a sense of opulence & grandeur are very close to Nila's heart in her creations also.

Kumar Maxi Dress

Be enchanting, Be enchanted


Nila's Dresses

How it Works

By preserving traditional methods we protect ‘treasured skills’ and a way of life at risk of dying out.

Using mother nature’s materials not only feels better to wear, it helps to remake a better world.

All life is profoundly precious, and by choosing to take action for a fairer world we vote to respect that.

The most fashionable thing we can do is to wear clothes that reflect our values and beliefs.

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Rays Of Sunshine Clothing with Sustainable Spirit Always.

Ethical from head to toe.